IMG_1155Challenge 100 euros  of expenses maximum every months. Which means that even if I work I will have the right to spend only 100e/month. Leave my home with just a bit of money and go and back South America-France by realising the objectives see more

Principle / ideology:

-I like meeting unknown, difference, I see them as an opportunity to face fear and increase my knowledge.

-You don’t need money to live wonderfull experience, adventure wait for you in the unexpected.

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Equipment: For a normal trip I would just take the material in camping, carring, medicine, clothes and try to have the lighter equipment as possible. As for this trip I restrained my budget to 1000 euros, I can’t afford to buy my material while travelling so I took everything I will need. Generally I travel just with see more


 hitch-hiking boat en car hitch-hiking en jungle darien gap en


Unlike most people who travel for long periods, I am not running away from a boring job or bad relation or capitalism or whatever… I love my country, my friends, my parents, working, and everything that could characterized my life in the south of France. I travel because I like to meet difference and free myself from symbols instilled by our society. I also see travelling as a shortened to wisdom and self accomplishement. For this travel more particulary, I imposed myself a few challenges. Those challenges, honestly, I would have set them anyway as they are interesting to me and correspond to my travelling way. But I might had allow myslef a bit more of freedom in terms of budget. However, the only big challenge for this travel, the only new one for me, is to realize this website. The envy to share my experience is for sure a good motivation but I would prefer to do it during a conversation. This challenge and the fact that you read me now is only due to a project dear to my heart, the orphanage project that I want to share and develop as much as possible.


This website has been developped to share informations but mainly to allow the orphanage expansion.


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