-I like meeting unknown, difference, I see them as an opportunity to face fear and increase my knowledge

-You don’t need money to live wonderfull experience, adventure wait for you in the unexpected.

-The way is adventure, destination is only its base.

-I like challenge but dislike competition this is why I only challenge myself.

-Don’t travel like a tourist, travel as a human being with his own knowledge, numerous things to teach and numerous things to learn. Respect traditions and cultures, try to go into it as much as possible.

-I don’t force change in people, I give them the possibility to understand different way of thinking and let them change by themself, it have to be their choice.

-Don’t prepare anything before reaching the place you want to travel, build your plan by taking advise from local people.

-Catch every opportunities poping in front of you: if you plan something, your on the way, and you see a wedding, an animation or people playing music or a game or etc… Keep your plan for later and use the exceptionality of the circumstance.

-Never say no to someone who invite you for a drink or some food or offering you a place to sleep. However, on the way try to understand if he has bad intention. If that is the case, let him go without you. Most of the time if someone take you far away from where you where, if it isn’t for a good reason or you don’t have a good feeling, go without creating problems. Just say that you have something else to do. Don’t be rude because your intuition might be wrong and if he was well intentioned he will not understand your sudden change of mind. It would be sad if due to this experience this person would stop inviting foreigner.

-You got symbol and habits instilled by your culture, you can talk about it, share them, but don’t obligate people to follow them. You are in foreigner territory, follow its rules. If some of them are to hard to take or go against your principles, leave this place or join the group of people trying to change those rules. Try to create a long term action, this isn’t by getting angry and yelling in front of a situation you dislike that you will change anything. Follow your sense of justice but don’t get angry at those who don’t follow it. Your liberty stop where start the one of the others.



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