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Car hitch-hiking


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Why hitch-hiking?

-While travelling by hitch-hiking you can stop whenever you want if you see a nice place and continue later.
-you will meet people from all social origin, discover new cultures, social groups.
-When someone take you in his car you are directly in his close circle of confidence, you can talk of every subject without problems.
-Good for ecology, you don’t use another car.
-if you travel in foreigner country it is a good way of creating contact, get some informations about nice places. The driver will be pleased to share about his knowledge, the places he likes etc… You might also get host and dicover more about autochtone culture by living in a traditional house and sharing their way of life (much better for a culture dicovery than hostel, guest house, etc…).
-You also avoid the taxes for entrance in touristic cities. In some countries authorities wait for tourist/traveller to go down from the bus and make them pay taxes. It also allow to avoid all the crowdy advertising for this or this taxi, this or this hotel etc…

A  First of all choose your starting place

-In country/place with petrol station: Go in the direction where you want to go (North, South, etc…) to the higher way and the nearer the outside of the city.
From there find the petrol station, before every big entered to highway there is petrol station. If their is many petrol station take the cheaper one or the one giving food or other facilities.
-In country/place without petrol station: go near the last link way to go to highway and find either a traffic light (people stop you can ask them), a stop, a round about, a recess. In fact every places where people have to stop because of circulation rules or where they have the time to see you and stop without danger. If there is no place like this then go to the straightest way you can find so that even if people go fast they see you from far away and have plenty of time to stop.

B   Secondly your behavior:

-1) If you are at a petrol station:
To develop this part I will start by exposing logically the situation: you, an unknown person, want to go in the vehicle of an other unknown person. Unknown can be either a factor of creation of fear or curiosity. For this type of situation, curiosity go behind fear, the reason is simple, the driver possess a car and you don’t. In their car they are in a close circle of confidence and you ask to enter in it. Thus, at your contact their reaction will be in relation with the lost you could produce to their comfort, their tranquility. This fear would make them say no whatever your approach is like. To counter this, you have to make them understand (and it have to be right!) that you aren’t going to put them in an uncomfortable situation and you aren’t going to steal their car!
To make them understand easily, quickly and without even talking you have to show some good mood (be smiling or whatever) at their contact, then show some respect to their activity.
Don’t start to talk to far nor to near from them, let them go to you or at least get the time to see you arriving before being right before their nose (even if this could also create some funny situation and therefore a good first contact).

As there is generally many differents cars, you have to choose an order. The best is to start with people who are the less in position to take you, a car full of people for example! You can also look at the registration plate giving you information about their possible hometown. People with plate number of the place you start hitch-hiking have high probability to just take fuel and go back home at a near place, they are therefore good target to start with as they aren’t the car you need!

Why asking first people who might say no?

Because when you will go to see the others persons, they will already know one thing reassuring about you: you are not targetting them! Therefore, their first reaction of fear due to their own representation (I have a car, he doesn’t have a car, I’m rich he is not rich, I’m beautiful he is ugly,etc… everythings that could create fear because it is known for creating desire) will disappear and let place to curiosity. “What did he asks to those people? Why didn’t he asks me?” (I’m rich, beautiful and I have a car!)

Then when you are talking you have to be clear, you might not have a lot of time to explain yourself because the curiosity you create with your first approach will not last long. Use bright and short sentences, try to make them give the more positive answers as possible.

Example: Is this your car? Yes (obviously!)
Do you have a car? Yes (obviously!)
Are you going South (or North, west, east depending on your destination) ? Yes, No (if no you are not interested)
Are you going on the way to ……….? Yes, No (if no you are not interested)
choose the most known city near your destination or the next big city.
If you are going for a long travel, don’t ask “are you going on the way to Berlin?” if you are in Marseille, ask for Lyon, then dijon, then strasbourg, then etc…

If any answer is no, then just thanks them for giving you some of their time, keep your good mood you just increase your chance to be taken by the next person who will be curious to know what you ask to the other one!

How to choose/decide to go or not to a place on the way of your destination if it isn’t directly your destination?

You have to go at least far enough to get the possibility to be dropped at another petrol station (petrol station is different from a rest area, rest area are really bad place to hitch-hike because nobody stop there, or maybe family for urgent needs).
To know if you will be able to go down to a petrol station, you just have to ask: “Do you know if there is a petrol station on the way?” and you can explain why it is better for you. It is better because you stay at a place where you can talk, have interaction, it make things easier, it will also make your conversation longer and increase your chance of being taken.

-2) If you are at a stop, a traffic light or the entrance of a road, for the communication it is the same rules as in petrol station, try to make them the more positive possible at your person.
Make simple question and, if they don’t go to your place, ask if there is a petrol station on the way.
For the case of driver stopping because of circulation rules, they will open their window and ask you straight where do you go? Then answer brightly your destination, forget about all the rules describe before. Why? Because you are not the one creating the contact, they do. This means that you don’t have to direct this conversation, just answer brightly.

C   Where to stop (if people don’t go to your exact destination)

The worst thing when you hitch-hike is to stay blocked either at a place where nobody go or at a place where people are going to the opposite way from your destination. To avoid this, first follow the rules of communication, then, you just have to pick petrol station.
Which petrol station are the best one?
The cheapest one or the one before highway separation, providing food (MCDo, restaurant, etc…)
It is better to stop at a big petrol station with many people even if it means going down of the car 10 km after getting in and even if you can go 50 km further. It is still better than to go further and get blocked in a lost place or a desert petrol station.
You must stay all the time on the bigger road possible for your direction, people going far take fast road.

D   Make sure they understand you are hitch-hiking!

In many country it is normal to stay on the road and wait for a car (kind of paying hitch-hiking) because most of the population doesn’t have cars. The first thing to do when you are in those countries is to make them understand that you are not looking for a “taxi” and therefore don’t have any money to pay. For this if you know their language just tell them, if not just make those two sign:
rub the thumb and forefinger (sign “money”) then hand flat in front of the ground, shake it from right to left! (marked “no”)! But you probably already know that ahah!
Always do it before getting in the car. If not you might put yourself in big trouble. It would be as running from a taxi, stealing, but in country where people doesn’t have money you can be sure that they will run after you!

 E  Blackboard use

Sometimes when you hitch-hike, it is quite usefull to be able to indicate precisely your targetted destination. In petrol station when you are asking to peoples it isn´t of any use. However, when you are on the road or one of the place indicated above, it could increased your chance to be taken but isn´t such a change compared to the finger pointing. It just increased a little bit your chance as people going to this destination would be a bit more concerned by your case, you have already one point in common, you are going in the same direction! But the only moments when it is unavoidable is when you find yourself at a place where people go in a direction and they assume with logic that it isn´t yours. That is to say for exemple in a highway leading to a big city, people would assume that you are going to this big city and therefore all the one going to another direction or stopping before it wouldn´t stop for you. In those kind of situation, using a blackboard is a necessity. Well a blackboard is my personnal touch, lots of people use paper etc… but the blackboard gives quite an old school touch, it can be use with unlimited trial, it is seenable from far far away. However, most of the blackboard you would find are made of slate and therefore are quite heavy and easily brokable. I would advise a simple and light piece of wood that you paint in black.



This website has been developped to share informations but mainly to allow the orphanage expansion.


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