For a normal trip I would just take the material in camping, carring, medicine, clothes and try to have the lighter equipment as possible. As for this trip I restrained my budget to 1000 euros, I can’t afford to buy my material while travelling so I took everything I will need.
Generally I travel just with my phone as a camera, it is also usefull as an alarm, a clock, light, note book and if sim card available, for communication. This time (also because my phone is on the way to the phone cimettery) I bought a basic 16mb camera to be able to share more of my adventure on this website.

I also prefer to travel barefoot for two reason. The first one is that by travelling barefoot, if you don’t want to hurt your feet you have to be concentrate all the time on your environment, therefore it allow to increase your concentration. The second reason is that it make easier the contact with natives. Because this time I don’t know anything about sailing boat and want to increase my chance to get a boat as much as possible I took some sailing shoes.

This equipment was chosen after many experiences of travelling in the same condition (apart for sailing) and I know that everything will have its utility (Just hope I will not have to use malaron pills!).

I try to take only the necessary stuff and avoid every bling bling equipment as big camera, nice watch, nice shoes, etc…This for differents reasons explain below.
The most obvious one is that I want to go in the most isolated places with completly differents cultures and therefore should not show the last hightech technology which would obviously create some desire even to the most respectable person. Possessing some rare or expensive things also increase the fear to lose them. This fear will emerges at every difficults situations sending to the potential “aggressor” the idea of stealing (because he will see in your behavior that you got some valuable things)
Full equipment:
clothes: two pants, one short, three t-shirt, 1 Tanktop, 3 pullovers, 7 underwears, 3 socks, one towel, cap , sarang,

sailing: sailing coat, sailing pant, sailing shoes, sailing book (les glenants)

camping: Marseille soap, knife, fire rock, metal plate, tant 2s, sleeping bag, mats, fishing rope, hook, needle, gourd

carrying: two hand bags, one 50L backpack

health: coton, bandage, disinfectant, water pills, solar cream, malaria pills (malaron: I will only take for the case if I feel sick, 3 pills at the same time which will be strong enough to calm the sickness and let me time to go to an hospital)

hightech: camera

security: a ventral pouch to put passeport and credit card

writing: note books + blackboard (very useful for hitch-hiking)

waterproof: plastic bag

identity: passeport, vaccin book

total weight: 16 kg
Light jungle trip equipment:

clothes I wear : pant, t-shirt, socks, underwear

+camping equipment+ machete+ woodstick

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