Challenge: 100 euros of expenses maximum every months. Which means that even if I work I will have the right to spend only 100e/month. Leave my home with just a bit of money and go and back South America-France by realising the objectives describe below


1 do as much as possible by walk or hitch-hiking

2 learn the most about sailing

3 learn some portugese, some spanish and other cultural language

4 Travel in many differents environments but mainly mountain, jungle, river, sea

5 make one month of spiritual improvment trip.
Find a place isolated, not to humid, with a river, not to hostile (human and nature), then not use my eyes and ear using blindfold and earplugs. Take out the senses giving us the most confidence because they are the one constituting our knowledge (by social learning) and face unknown, fear.
The objectives of this experience are the followings:
-understand more how intelligence is developped by multiplying identities (identification) coming from other senses than the ones developped by our society. Constituting myself a better knowledge coming from other senses.
-discover more about spatial orientation without our main senses.
-face unknown
-install my new breath and develop new one corresponding to differents situations
-catch fish for eating, but with a little reserve of rice or pasta for the case if the fishing isn’t concluding!
-improve my concentration
-improve my skill at writting without eyes
-finish/continue my book on human being and develop the scenario I started to think of one year ago

7 increase my english skill (oral and writting) and maybe loose a bit of my french accent!

8 increase my knowledge, confidence, will, open mind (more identities, less symboles, more structures)

9 meet new cultures, people, other way of living

10 discover more about cultures different from ours, understand more about differents cleverness

11 develop project from autochtone if they are turned to the good (as Mary with the Burmese orphanage)

12 meet my cousin in Brasil

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