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Myanmar? Orphanage?

Myanmar (Burma), is a country hosting lots of orphans. This country, the second one in term of opium production after Afghanistan, home of the world biggest nacrotrafficant army, the Wa, and a dictature (on the road to democracy).It is also touched by natural desaster as the Tsunami and have seen lots of religious war. It is also a beautiful country full of cultures and traditions. Well, it is a country that deserves interest and maybe a bit of help. Mary and Irenee started an orphanage near Yangon. However, even if we have the function of an orphanage, we don’t have any legal paper and autorisation to do it, Myanmar and its system make those things a lot to complicated and we decide to act, host orphans, help them in their education and everythings possible to help their development.


Who is doing it?

profil pic marieI started this Children Ministry with the name A Place Of Hope (Pre-School) in January,2010.And as I have been desired & the greatest aim in my life to take care of an orphans & very poor Children. I began with One Child 10 years old (Hannah) who was parentless in May,2011.The ministry (Project)is still in progress and now the present strength raised up to 4 Childrens and they have been receiving School Education, Residency, Food, Clothing,Uniform, Medical care are being given total care, moral traning ..etc.The orphan Children have to get into Elementry,High School & College.We can not ignore them at this juncture.Where no education is no moral standard in living & behaviour.They need to study and take up some Job or trade and maintain and their survival. As the world know that Myanmar is the top list of the poorest country in the world.More importantly I committed to serve the destitude Children boys & girls because that will help them break their cycle of poverty & become future productive citizen and leaders in our communities & in our country.
More parentless and very poor desperated children are approaching us to stayed with us. But since I am not able to maintain financial need by myself,limitted sources that I required some more helps to assist us in this mighty effort to admit more and more orphans, poor & needy children.
It is an amazing experience to serve the deprived and destitude children.
Therefore,I need your help.Please adopt this Orphanage home.Many Children are awaiting for help and they can not go to school without your help.I do not have any regular Sponsors for these Chlidren which make us worried because the days are so bad that the cost of living has become high & worse.I am so happy in caring for these unfortunate & desparated beautiful children in orphanage.
Your love will bring hope to a child’s fragile spirit that will last a life time.
I urge you to sponsor at least one or two Children at your choice because it will cost only $ 55 per month for each child.
I want to thank you for visiting my/our website because this means you are someone with a heart of compassion for those living in poverty in Myanmar.

profil pic ire

I’m Irénée Deckers, born in Brussels the 21.03.1988 from a Belgium father and a French mother. I have lived in France since I was two years old, and did my studies between Aix en Provence and Montpellier. I graduated with a bachelor of sociology and a master of Biophysics; while studying I also travelled in many different countries, met different people, cultures.
For now, my life objectives are to discover and share new things, while doing as much good as I can.
My main interests are thought processes, senses awareness, creativity, breath, behaviour, culture and difference.
For this project with Mary, the objectives are to help and care for people less fortunate than us. By less fortunate I don’t mean only poor in budget, but poor in opportunities to develop their own path in life. To show my will to develop this project (at the same time at financiating it), I started a challenge in october 2013, and traveled in Europe, Africa, Central and South America by realizing lots of objectives and by doing everything by Hitch-hiking and walking, All of this with a maximum budget of 100 euros per month. By showing this trip in the travelling part I hope to gather more people on this webpage.
For me of course this project is entirely non-profit. My only reward is the satisfaction to do something good.


 A bit more about Myanamar

“My country is the republic of the Union of Myanmar, situated in South East Asia. It covers an area of over 260,000 squares miles between India and China and is a member of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). Its neighbouring countries are India, Banladesh, China, Laos and Thailand. map myanmarThe capital of my country is Naypidaw and have a population of sixty million. It is made up of seven States and is inhabited by the Kachin, the Kayah, the Kayin, the Chin, the Barmar, the Mon, the Rakhine and the Shan amongst others. The majority of these people are Buddhists. It is known as “The Land of Pagodas” a type of Buddhist temple.” (Marie)
Rich in natural resources, Myanmar is largely an agricultural country with 70% of its population living in rural areas. Since March 30th 2011 the regime in place is a civilian government consisting mainly of former military from the junta which ruled the country since 1962. The President Thein Sein has established a dialogue with Ms.Aungg San Suu Kyi (party leader of the NLD, National League for democracy) and frees many political prisoners. Partial elections held on April 1st 2012 to fill 45 seats of 664, almost all were won by the NLD. Because of international pressure, the military junta had began in the 2000s a transition policy framed by a “roadmap to democracy”. The regime continued its liberalization measures testifying the will of the Burmese authorities to enter the transition in the long term. (diplomatie.gouv.fr)



Originally this was a solo project started by Mary. She is a kind woman with an intangible will to do good, and I want to help her in any way possible. The idea is to help her, but not to make her dependent of our help. For this purpose the idea of developing in the same time a piggery (selling pigs) a pre-school (fees) and an orphanage seems to be a pretty good idea:
First of all the revenue from the 2 firsts project will help in the growth of the orphanage.
Secondly, it makes the orphanage a place where children will grow in contact with other child, not only orphans. It will also allow them to get some responsibility and help for the pre-school or the piggery.
As you probably already read in the introduction above, Mary is a person who is fully engaged in religion. Therefore it is only natural that orphans will grow in an environment of faith. For some of you it would be a positive point, for other it might be bad. Anyway Mary is a very open minded person, and likes to share in everything, without any limitation due to symbolic idea or beliefs.
The piggery, the pre-school and the orphanage have already begun. Now the project just needs some time – and participation – to get going!
Mary often receives orphans needing help. The situation is, however, that she Can’t afford to keep the ones currently with her.
The sooner this project evolves, the sooner Mary will be able to host new orphans.
For now, the orphanage host 6 orphans, Hannah, Ester, Noah, Adam, Ruth and Samuel. You can follow the evolution of the project below.
You are more than welcome to participate to this project by any way, either by sharing it or giving some financial support.


Monthly orphanage expenses:

 We need you to help on financiating the monthly expenses, a small participation, or even better, the sponsor of one child and his needs.

55$ a month for each orphan for food, health care, the school bus, clothes, school fees.

40$ a month for electricity, communication, transportation, welfare.

Current orphans:

Adam and Esther are from Shan state, they are respectively 12 and 10 years old. They lost their parents
in their childhood by drugs.Some of their villager took cares of them but they couldn’t provided them
enough food and Education.
Hannah is 13 years old and she is from Chin state. She has never seen her parents.
Noah Ruth and Samuel are the youngest and last orphans welcomed at the orhanage.

IMG_20141021_082558IMG_20141021_082550Camera 360 Camera 360

This project is an open project, you are invited to contribute in any way, donation, propositions, advises, ideas….

This website has been developped to share informations but mainly to allow the orphanage expansion.



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